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Toughskin roofing underlayent

Toughskin roofing underlayments keep you covered.

Toughskin 20 synthetic underlayment and Toughskin HT Ice and Water Guard both feature our Slipsafe Technology.

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Toughskin 20

Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

A water proof UV layer that stands up to six months of exposure.
• 33% more coverage per lap than traditional felt.
• Made from non-hazardous materials meaning no oil leaching.
• Brand your Toughskin with your custom logo to put your own stamp on your projects.
• Code approved (AC188) and a Class A fire rating as part of a system (ASTM E108).

Toughskin HT
Ice and Water Guard

• Usage-for use as an underlayment on all sloped roof coverings including slate, tile, cedar shakes, metal, and traditional asphalt shingles • Seals around fasteners-the rubberized asphalt adhesive in the membrane seals around fasteners, resisting leakage caused by water back-up behind the ice dams or from wind driven rain • Deck Adhesion-the self-adhesive membrane bonds firmly to the roof deck without the need for mechanical fasteners • Watertight Laps- the membrane forms a watertight overlap due to the top coat adhesion strip • SlipSafe® Technology provides the ultimate in traction making the work surface safer during installation • Membrane will not crack, dry out or rot • Enhanced UV-180 days exposure • Class A Fire Rated ASTM E 108 (as part of system) • Siliconized release liner is easy to remove

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