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Murano Acoustics

Murano Acoustics manufactures beautiful wood veneer acoustical panels. Design with sound in mind without compromise. 

Grooved Acoustic Panels

Murano Acoustics is a well-known leader in specialty grooved acoustic and wood wall panel systems. These sound proof panels manufactured from beautiful wood are easy to install in any room of a public or private residence or building. 

Perforated Acoustic Panels

Our perforated wood wall panels decrease the level of sound reverberation, which makes music less disturbing to adjoining rooms in a building. Choose from the selection of acoustical wood ceiling panels to elegantly appoint any wood suspended ceiling. 

Slotted Acoustic Panels

We are the one of the leading slotted acoustic wood panels supplier in US. Our finely manufactured slotted wood panels are made from the highest quality to provide maximum sound proofing for any home or building.

Our formaldehyde free acoustic wood panels available in styles that can match almost any interior, regardless of age or type of wood.

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