Bulk hand and surface sanitizer now available for immediate shipment.

General desription

Per recent FDA guidelines regarding COVID-19, FBC Chemical is now shipping hand sanitizer per World Health Organization Formulation 1.

FBC Ultimate Hand Sanitizer is available in 55 gallon drums for use in sprayers, bottles or other containers designed for ethanol based products.

Hand sanitizer SDS and product info are available for download:

  • Mixture:

    • Ethanol 80%​

    • Water 18.425%

    • Glycerol 1.45%

    • Hydrogen peroxide 0.125%

  • Density: 7.15 lbs/gallon​

  • Size: 55 gallon drum

  • Package: 4 drums per pallet

  • Min order: 4 drums

pricing and availability

$1,395.00 per 55 gallon drum

x 4 drums (minimum order) =

$5,580.00 per pallet

Volume pricing available at 10+ pallets.

For more information and to order, contact:

Marcus Ward